sexta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2018

Today's windows

Do not see the world with your routine
Not even with your retina
Do not be cretin
Minds are not jello
Do not lie to the fine people

There are people who line up.
one day produces harassment
door of incompetent fame
then use harassment as a flag

Your mission was never clear
But today, it has never been so dark
Nothing brings to the minds
No Order of Believers

Mind with all your teeth
Fool the soul of the people
Cry for the urgent truth
And shut your lies to the people

It's no coincidence
Just see the audience
Money has always corrupted you.
After all, who corrupts who ...

Many of you were expecting
Others of you depended
One day, it was the world's window.
Today is just the window of hell

Inspired for (Rap)
By: Marcos Liotti

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