segunda-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2017

The apple of today

I'm different, I know.
I see everything different.
I'm crazy and mad too.
As the apple man said.

You live in the Oligarchy.
They call it Democracy.
They did not even imagine the Greeks.
That its Democracy.
There would be a great anarchy.

The economic monarchy arrests you.
on the alienation of having
Fame, success, things ...
We are slaves, I know.
We live in the freedom of the law.

Adorned in gold.
live the human deities
Pharaohs of their bondage.
modern minimum wage slaves.
thousand years in prison.
nothing is different from before.
And the obelisks abound in squares.
of pagan worshipers ...

Alien causes terror
invade our race
Fear, xenophobia and disgrace.
It makes the world dull.

But there in that square.
there is always that flower.
the great farce.

In the deafening silence of the good.
In the empty noise of tyrants
In search of uranium can
Bad know how to handle your own pain.

The apple of the sin of yore.
sin of the holy men of the now.
which satisfies millions of bodies now.
The apple of today !?
It's to be different in the now.

An apple of today ...
(Inspirational lyrics for Hip Hop)
by: Marcos Liotti

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